The company has been chartering in and operating Supra-max and Ultra-max on Time Charter Trip from many different established owners for their shipments and has received no complaints from owners during the operation of these vessels.

As an operator of dry cargo vessels to the Bangladesh market, the company position itself to provide high quality service to both the owners and the receivers. This is done by focusing on building long term partnerships with our clients. We have maintained working relationship with our key clients, continuously learning and understanding our clients better and developing our customer focus to better serve them.

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Up till now, GML and her associates have successfully shipped 2 million metric tons of cement clinker to Bangladesh in 2015. They shipped another 3 million metric tons of cement clinker/ grains/ steel products in 2016. Their contracts in hand and with an estimated forecast for 2017 will be in the region of 5 million metric tons. In the future, the company looks to further expand their portfolio of capacity and core cargoes into Bangladesh.


  • Spot freight
    • This involves providing seaborne transportation for our clients (mainly traders or manufacturing/mining/importing companies) for dry bulk cargoes from loading point Bangladesh. These clients usually do not have the technical/commercial set up to handle the operations of the vessels. GML provides them with fuss free freight solution by handling all operational aspects of the voyage.
  • Short/Long term COA
    • This occurs when our clients have steady flow of shipments spread over a period of time and places which they require freight services. GML will understand the business model of the clients and work out a freight solution, protecting them from the volatility of the shipping market. Additionally, GML will continue to handle all the operational aspects of the voyage for the clients.


  • World map showing the trade routes from the different ports for the different cargoes

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