Grand Maritime Limited is an independent shipping company incorporated in British Virgin Islands (BVI) in 2016. On the same year, the company has opened offices in Singapore and Bangladesh. With the network and good access to the ship owners in Asia and the potential market growth in Bangladesh, we have established trade routes from Southeast Asia, China, Black Sea, and North Atlantic to Bangladesh.

Our shipments include bulk cement clinker, slags, limestones, gypsum, grains and steel products shipment into Bangladesh. Bulk cement clinker has been our core shipment from the start and has continued to be our main shipment till present. We are working as an exclusive operator for some major cement manufacturing plants of Bangladesh.

With Bangladesh growing at an exponential rate and importing large amount of resources into the country, the port of Chittagong is not able to keep up with the influx of vessels calling at the port, making it very challenging for operators and owners. With our strong foothold in Chittagong discharge port, we make the discharge process efficient and smooth for our ship owners. 

At Grand Maritime Limited, we are a young, dynamic company, with a strong commitment to growth and development, and have established excellent working relationship with leading manufacturers, suppliers, traders, ship owners and ship brokers in the respective region, focusing on providing reliable, safe and efficient delivery of commodities to the Bangladesh market.


Customer relationship

We understand that relationships are crucial in sustaining the business. We have forged long term partnerships with our exclusive partners and maintaining them successfully. Building further partnerships is our main goal for the future.

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With the continuous changes in government policies and regulations in Bangladesh, we are able to provide first-hand information to guide our clients.

Control of barges

All our receivers have a fleet of barges for their discharge operations. This means that rate of discharge can be predicted and controlled, avoiding delays and uncertainties faced by other owners using the public barges. This leads to solving all the problems associated with delays.

These problems include bottom fouling, low bunker on redelivery, inaccurate redelivery notice, will be less likely to happen and potential disputes are minimized significantly.


Being the leading operator of supramax vessels to Bangladesh, GML has the best performance in discharging at Chittagong, compared to the market. Going forward, GML will focus on more on the operation of handy max, where GML will utilize its network and port knowledge in Chittagong to develop its already strong position as the leading supramax operator in Bangladesh.

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